"APU's parts procurement tool enables my estimators to communicate with my parts manager and integrates with our body shop management system to eliminate rekeying of information. APU makes my shop more efficient."

After years of research and concept testing here in Overland Park, Kansas, we launched PartsNetwork® 4.0 in late 2003. We believe it was a revolutionary moment for APU clients and the broader collision-repair industry.

We did nothing less than solve the puzzle of increasing APU. For the industry, growing "alternative parts utilization," or APU, is critical for lowering the cost of vehicle repair.

Our web-based parts search engine gives insurance adjusters and collision repair centers an automated process for searching for and purchasing alternative parts. That includes both recycled, or, "green" parts taken from inoperative vehicles, and aftermarket, non-original equipment parts.

In fact, the entire collision-repair world unites on our PartsNetwork® search engine -insurance carriers, estimating companies, repair centers and recycled and aftermarket parts suppliers. Within seconds, PartsNetwork® searches and returns results for parts availability, description, quality, pricing and online purchase.

Further, PartsNetwork® sifts metadata and produces audit reports that analyze, for instance, whether lower-cost alternative parts were used in repair processes.

APU Solution's efficient handling of claims is unprecedented in the automotive repair industry. Our stakeholders enjoy these benefits:

Insurance Carriers
  • Increased alternative parts usage by DRP partners
  • Improved "loss costs" and customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced environmental stewardship through increased use of recycled parts
  • Reduced cycle times for policyholders awaiting vehicle repair
  • Compatibility with all three estimating companies: Audatex, CCC, Mitchell
  • Remote, Web-based, real-time auditing of shops, claims and suppliers
  • Proof of whether partners follow DRP requirements
  • Confidence that claims adhere to customized part-search guidelines
  • Reduced DRP favoritism and time-consuming searches thanks to automated part requests made of multiple suppliers
  • Smarter supplier management based on tight business standards

Repair Facilities
  • Access to key performance indicator (KPI) data that detail shop severity, parts usage and repair-versus-replace ratio
  • Produce "lean processing" advantages like shortened cycle times, reduced supplements and increased shop volume
  • Digital tools for managing, tracking and reporting alternative parts usage according to company, insurance carrier and supplier
  • Reduced cycle times that increase shop volume
  • Ability to create private networks of suppliers based on both existing and new business relationships
  • Rapid requests to multiple suppliers of alternative parts
  • Web-based tracking reports for returns of unsatisfactory parts by shop, claim and supplier
  • Reduced operating expenses thanks to less time spent auditing claims with insurance carriers and improved efficiency for estimators and parts managers
  • Comprehensive support from APU Solutions' account managers and customer support representatives

Auto Parts Suppliers
  • Creates a level playing field and competitive parts marketplace
  • Spreads alternative-part sales opportunities to all replacement parts on an estimate
  • Instantaneous access to insurance claims
  • Raises accuracy above "phone and fax" by providing access to an entire estimate and the ability to send and receive digital images for quote requests
  • Provides Web-based tracking reports for sales to network buyers, sales trends and returns-per-repair center
  • Supplies data on the difference between quoted price and winning bid
  • Comprehensive support from APU Solutions' account managers and customer support representatives