"We are pleased that APU Solutions has involved the recycling industry in the development of their products. Recyclers have a need for demand data not only when a part is located but also when it is not located. APU provides that!"
Company Overview

Back in 1999, APU Solutions hung its shingle with a simple goal: Convert the old phone-tag search for auto repair parts to the new world of widely networked computers. So we built a complex digital web linking all the collision-repair players: insurance carriers, estimating companies, repair centers, and parts suppliers of all types.

Now, within seconds, our web-based PartsNetwork® search engine returns parts availability, description, quality, pricing and online procurement options. We think of it as real steel in real time. APU's clients think of it as real savings in headaches and in dollars. Anyone who cares about the environment is thankful that we dramatically increase the use of recycled auto parts.

We are not resting on our laurels. We are in the midst of building more workflow automation and information services to create even more savings for our industry.

Soon APU's extended product line will include a tool that takes the toil out of insurance carriers' subrogation process. Other products under development will further demonstrate how APU Solutions strikes the right balance between raising clients' margins and making their processes more efficient and less frustrating.

Our people are the only reason we can dream big and turn those dreams into real products. We take pride in saying that we are a team run by the same tight-knit group that has been together since APU's inception. We look forward to working with you.