"We are pleased that APU Solutions has involved the recycling industry in the development of their products. Recyclers have a need for demand data not only when a part is located but also when it is not located. APU provides that!"
Real Steel. Real Time. Real Green.

Consumers are asking for a better environment and smart companies are answering with better stewardship. From Dell to Wal-Mart, the words "carbon footprint reduction" are inspiring passion all the way up to the corner office.

Led by its CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, Wal-Mart is a driving member of the Carbon Disclosure Project that measures the amount of energy used throughout its supply chain to create products. At APU Solutions, we also believe that "going green" makes both dollars and environmental sense.

Better, safer efficiencies stand at the core of APU's mission. Our PartsNetwork® helps auto parts recyclers to stock parts that they wouldn't necessarily salvage and rack. Likewise, we increase the number of parts taken off inoperable vehicles before they are dismantled, disbursed into landfills or melted down, all of which consume energy and produce toxic byproducts.

Our web-based system also decreases the paper consumption common to the repair process. And while our competitors mail out CD's containing parts inventory data, our Internet-driven inventory system constantly updates itself without flying plastic around the country. Moreover, our web-powered distance training limits carbon-heavy air miles.

Lastly, PartsNetwork® makes it easier to buy locally. We all know how important that is for our community and our country. We thank our business partners for joining us as friends of the environment.